Not All Pumping Sessions Are the Same!

Now that pumping has become part of our daily routine, we start to set expectations for ourselves and our breasts. We have goals that we want to accomplish with our milk, whether it be to save and store for the next day or build a stash for our return to work. We would like to think that every single time that we pump we will get the same amount or even more than the last. But to be honest, nothing is the same every time in life, even pumping breast milk. Do not stress MaMa, your body knows exactly what is is doing. You will still produce enough milk to satisfy your baby and keep them growing. Sometimes leftie does more than rightie and other times its vice versa. What's important is that you continue to eat and drink food appropriately and stay confident in yourself. You have not done anything wrong and you do not have to change your pumping style, especially if it has been working for awhile. Do not beat yourself up about it!

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