4 Pearls For the Breastfeeding MaMa Going Back to Work

1. Plan- Planning ahead is essential to transitioning back to work for the breastfeeding MaMa. After being home on maternity leave, you are just now figuring out your new routine with baby and life. Therefore, adding work to the equation will take some planning to prevent unnecessary stressful situations.

2. Prepare- Prepare your meals and snacks the night before work. Do not wait until the morning of to decide what you will take to work. As you already know that breastfeeding can make you very hungry, and sometimes you will almost eat anything that is within reach. Put a few snacks in your pump bag and prepare a healthy lunch that will provide both energy and nutrients for both you and the baby. Just because the milk that is being pumped is not going to the baby right away, does not mean that it should not be packed full of nutrients. Do not forget to plan your water intake as well, whether you are taking a large jug with you or keeping a pack in your office. No matter your job situation, slacking on hydration is not an option MaMa.

3. Prioritize- By the time you get bake to work, your body as developed a schedule for feeding and pumping. In order maintain a healthy continuous milk production, you should keep that schedule as much as you can. Speak with you supervisor prior to returning to work and discussion your goals. Let them know that pumping and breastfeeding is important for your baby’s development and growth. Plan to work together to get your work done, while being the best “pumper” possible.

4. Pump- Now that you have prepared your mind and the tools needed, its time to PUMP! You are now away from that beautiful baby and may feel the need for stimulation every now and again. Have your phone available and watch all those happy videos of your baby smiling and cooing at you. Videos are awesome for a good let down and to keep your mind stimulated during your pumping sessions. Photos are helpful as well. They assist with happy thoughts and relaxing your mind to allow the oxytocin to flow. Smile and put the work stress to the side during your pumping session for the most productive pump possible.

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